Noise You Make

by EarthWyrmm

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Susie Mirtis
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Susie Mirtis Melancholy and perfect. I wish 'I don't like me' wasn't cut off, it might be my favourite otherwise. Favorite track: Noise You Make.
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(The app I used to convert these went crazy so some songs cut off early)

Bedroom songs and poems, mostly about my struggle with depression.
I recorded half of this while very sick, and wearing a cow suit.


released March 2, 2017

Sarahgrace Abbott



all rights reserved


EarthWyrmm New York, New York

Just a sad small person mak'n makeshift song things

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Track Name: Am I real?
Fast pacing to the train station don't wanna be late again. Remembering when you were my friend.
And You, you were Rad. Life wasn't so sad.
I ran next to you at the park. We waited for something good to start. The leaves were falling nice, you'd think I'd think twice.
Am I real? I sometimes feel, like I'm a figmant. I'm made up of love, and bad luck ..
And you, you think I'm a miracle. I think that's hystarical..
Track Name: I don't like me
It's okay if you don't like me, cuz I don't even like me. I'm not here to say sorry. So sick of feeling sorry for myself, what the hell?
Sometimes I think that I'm drowning, I feel the darkness surrounding. I go unheard, but im screaming. I think that I must be dreaming, so I thought.. but I'm not.
It's okay if you hate me cuz I kind of hate me. I curse whichever God made me. Or pray that someone can save me, from myself.. it ain't working so well.
Track Name: The Gift
My eyes could never numb, to the pain of what you become. Hands grasp, to the past. Arms reach for what will never be.
My heart could never blind, to the pain of what you feel inside. Everything I see, it poisons me.. I don't want this gift, you know I'm sick of it.
My light is burning low. The price I pay, the moment that I know. Alone at last, panic attack. The moment when, you know you don't care if you die.
Track Name: 4 Fux sake
Pacing around, feet buried in the ground. Skeptical you watch me, kicking dirt up nervously. Am I real? I don't know, how I feel can't let it show. I'm lonely, but not alone. I just want to go home.
So small, so weak. I'm shaking when I stand on my feet. Does the sun really have to rise? I feel the burning, in my eyes. Why is life so cruel, it keeps playing me for the fool. And the past stays awake! Let me go, for fucks sake.
Another poem, another beer. A new day to sleep away, another year. New pet still don't feel better yet.. But I try, I fucking try! I'm so tired of being so bummed. So ashamed of feeling pain. One more year, is like one more day. It all just stays the same.
Track Name: Afterall, what's the point?
Afterall, what's the point?
Am I giving up? Can't make the choice. I'm losing hope, and bleeding out. And I still can't figure out how, every time you'll call, you know that I'll fall.
Am I alive? I feel alone. Can't find my place, does it show? And maybe it's just, another dream. It can't be as bad as it seems. Whenever you say so, you know that I'll go.
They say I'm strong, but I feel so weak. Can barley stand up on my feet. I've felt so lost, and so much loss. I'll pay the price, but at what cost? Does giving up on you, mean giving up on me too?
Afterall, afterall, afterall
There is no point.
Track Name: Part 2
In my dream you made a mess of me, and we'll that's not far from reality. Are we gonna argue anymore? I know you're smiling from behind the door. Oh
I could not live without you, could I? I will not dance without you nor should I.
I can't quite think straight, when I'm next to you. It seems I've run out of all words to use. And the same things happened just like yesterday, but does it really matter anyway?
I could not live without you, could I? I will not dance without you, nor should I.
It seems I always make a mess of things. The sad dark chaos, all my failure brings. And meaning well has never mattered here. I'll sit this out for another year.
I could not live without you could I? I will not dance without you nor should I..
Track Name: Noise You Make
I'll stay away, I'll stand my ground. But the noise you make is my favorite sound. I'm not alone, but I feel it so this pen with ink, is my only home..
Why do I feel it, why do I feel this inside. Do you feel it? Why don't you feel it
I cried today, can't watch the news. All of the things, we abuse. We're still alive, but broken inside. We won't survive unless we fight. Why do I feel it, why do I feel this inside. Do you feel it? Why don't you feel it