by EarthWyrmm

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More bathroom songs.


released October 21, 2016

Written and recorded by Sarahgrace Abbott



all rights reserved


EarthWyrmm New York, New York

Just a sad small person mak'n makeshift song things

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Track Name: EnvyHateBitterness
What more could you want from me? Ive got both hands behind my back, and these bad words between my teeth.
Ive been reaching for a reason stuck inside my head, and I could stay here for forever, or give up instead.

I try to be real nice, despite every shitty thing that's happened in my shitty life, and I don't have the answers, but people still ask me.. and if I'm so stuck in the past how will I ever be free?

Rachel moved away and that makes me sad, but because she got away, that makes me glad.. and I showed Jamie the mountains, it was to much to fast. We would go back there right now if only we could pay for gas.

Ive tried to be real mean to all the shitty people who've done bad things to me but everyone knew before me, and now I finally see that envy, hate, and bitterness are not a part of me
Envy hate and bitterness just don't live inside me
Track Name: And I
I feel like a ghost, a reflection
I don't know
I watch you, when you walk.
When I watch you, I get lost
The trees shake like art, and the leaves fall in my heart.
So I keep you in my head, when I'm laying in my bed
If you listen, can you hear, the expulsion of my fear?
Track Name: Pretty Voices
The sun will burn out, and I will shut down.
You'll never hear from me again, you'll never hear from me my friend.
I cut it out of paper, it all fell to the floor. I'm picking up the pieces, I've done it all before.
It's raining down the poison, I'm bleeding from my eyes.
I'm hearing pretty voices, they're telling pretty lies.
What can I do? What can I do?
Its a funny thing, we all end up alone.
Afraid of the void, afraid of the unknown.
I can't take any, of anywhere with me..
but I'm not afraid of dying, I'm not afraid to bleed.
What can I do? What can I do?
Track Name: Along with me
Look for me inside this old house
quieter than the quietest mouse.
Reach out with both of your hands, spin me around but I can't dance no, I can't dance.
Maybe I've been blind to the truth..but that's okay, because I'll be blind with you. There's nothing that id rather do, than spend my whole life chasing after you. Chasing after you
Let's go out.
Let's get out of the house, and hang out.
We can go down to the park
Let's have a race, you kiss my face.
I know things have gotten pretty hard, but at least I still have my guitar .
It's all I'll ever really need, so come and play along with me. Play along with me .
Track Name: I'm gone
Can't say I didn't try, wouldve tried until I died. but we both know that's a lie, I died a long time ago inside my mind.. when you turned your back on me. all of those times. Still cant seem to find a reason why, why
You say that I'm causing you pain, you cause me to go in fucking sane, everytime you say that shit &
You know why, but I cant talk about it and I can't cry, anymore about it.
All this fighting never gets us anywhere well, it gets us down to our underwear and is this lust? Cuz this love just isn't fair. I can't be here if you're not there..
I'm losing my mind, hear me when I say that I need this rhyme to explain to you, that I mean it this time
If you dont respect me then I'm gone, I'm gone, I'm gone.
I'm gone, I'm gone, I'm gone, I'm gone!