Everything is everything

by Earthwyrmm

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More mundane guitar playing :D

A bunch of songs and poems, written and recorded at different times.

I put the lyrics, in case ya can't hear my muffled recordings

Happy Birthday, Jamie!


released August 5, 2017



all rights reserved


EarthWyrmm New York, New York

Just a sad small person mak'n makeshift song things

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Track Name: Everything is everything
I've been singing to no one for so long, maybe that's how my songs belong, Lonely.
I've been spinning in circles, my mind twirls. Still feeling like a little girl, and I'm wasting.
If I let my heart feel I won't know whats real. I still have yet to heal from anything.
Your body is like a tool, I am a fool. I trusted you not to break the rule. What love is..
My mind is sharp, out of tune guitar. I play a song for you, do you hear me?
The rain it falls, the trees are tall. Could they grant me some peace, please? I've been waiting .
I was a star, now I'm a spark. I don't have much light left in, this body.
And you thought I was a seed, you planted me, and I'm sorry, for not growing.
Everything is everything, where do I begin ? I'm sorry again, for not knowing.
I've just been singing to no one for so long, maybe that's how my songs belong. Lonely
Track Name: Love song (a poem)
Inside my mouth, it is hallow, where your love song used to be. My breath is getting shallow you drained the life right out of me. And my tears, they make an echo, as they splash across my feet. Are you happy, now that you have drained the soul right out from me.
Showed you my heart, though it was broken, like the sun it still burned red. So I thought you'd put a piece back, but you tore it out instead.
Track Name: You are a river bed
You are very far away, from me. I am lost and loney no one really knows me, knows me.
You are alone now, how will you go on ?
I'm always alone some how, even when I'm with somone.

You are. full of lies that blind me. I'm blinded by the way, you can say you love me with a straight face , your face
I am a mountain, you are a river bed.  You're cracking me open, until I have nothing left.

What will I become when all this is said and done ? Can I come back ? Who am I ? will I ever be okay ? okay okay
I am alone now, and I'll learn how to be . I don't really know how theres anything left of me .
Track Name: Honestly
123 come on in, have a seat. I've got some news for you.
I'm sick of writing songs, about being wronged, so I'm doing what I have to.
I'm reaching towards the light, and I'm pulling back from you. I'm gonna try to live my life, like I was always meant to.
And you can go ahead, and tell everyone, that I'm no good.
And you can go run to all of your fake friends, like I knew you would.
456 you know it gives me kicks, when you say that I'm what you need. See, I gave you everything just to watch it all sink, like all you did was drown me.
You took out all my light, and left me in the dark, and when I thought you'd done everything, you tore me apart.
And you can try to hide from all the awful things, that you know you did. And I can get away because I have a real life to live .
678 I think I'm running late for anything better! I clung on to long and I knew it was wrong, I couldn't lose you forever.
But now I see the truth, theres nothing I can do. And I'll never be happy until I'm far away from you.
And you can feed me lies, like you have 100 times but I know the truth. And you can threaten me, but Honestly, what more could you do ?